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Changing look and unit caps of units in Rome 2 DEI

GeternGetern Registered Users Posts: 3
Hello there,
I am looking for some directions where to look for certain things while using PFM.

Lets say there is a Ala Africorum Auxilla unit. It's capped to only 2 units per camapign.
Where will I find folders to:
- increase the cap to higher number,
- change certain part of theirs looks (I want to change boots for regular sandals cause they look atrocius with those boots)

At Marian reforms we do get artilery pieces with crew wearing steel gallic helmets, well it looks really bad in comparison to other type of troops having regular copper helmets. Can one even change a single part (do they give random parts?) or I would have to remove certain skin with unwanted parts? While we are at artillery, can I switch the polybos kind of look for Scorpion to more of an actual straight edged Scorpion? Also mobile version.

Correct me if I am wrong. I am just guessing now. Every unit has certain poll of visuals and I can simpy delete undesired ones? Now. Where to look for it with PFM.

At last, so far I was making kind of mods that were not safe compatibile. How can one make those changes save compatibile?
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