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Anyone who play warhammer totalwar 2 has these micro freezes in mortal empire?They seem tied to Lege

wisedudewisedude Registered Users Posts: 94
edited December 2019 in Performance & Graphics
https://youtu.be/RccrmR4vDgU video of the issue.Same thing happens when to armies attack each other in the campaign map when in close up.Issue seems to be tied to battle difficulty for some reason.Mainly happens in mortal empires but I can be wrong.

My rig:1080ti/9900k/16gb 3200mhz/970 evo


Some other things I noticed:Certain factions for example have erratic/jittery/jump camera movement in campaign map while other don't.When choosing the empire(karl for example) and you move the camera around you can feel the camera is jittery/jumpy while if you choose malekith its mostly smooth.Is it area specific?

Also noticed in battles if you move the camera around while you're hovering back and forth between spells this causes micro stutters. https://youtu.be/nt5Ude1lj7s Seems to only happen after some time after 2 armies clash.Could be the CD of the spells?I dunno

No mods are used

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