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Three Kingdoms Abdication Mod: Possible or Not?

chandlorechandlore Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi there.
There's a functionality I've been wanting since my first campaign in this game- the option to have your faction leader abdicate and allow their heir to take over without having to kill your leader. This would be especially nice in campaigns like Sun Jian, where their children are far more famous and recognizable than they are and likely have more story events crop up (though I'm unsure whether this is actually the case, since I've never felt it was worth it to let Sun Jian be killed). I've got virtually no familiarity with modding this game, but if such a feature is possible, I have no issues setting about and learning how to set it up- so can anyone give me any idea if this is something worth looking into, or is it outside the scope of the game's modding kit?
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