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The Potion of Speed Update - Quick Battle Hotfix

CA_OtherTomCA_OtherTom Registered Users, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 293
edited December 2019 in Multiplayer
In our recent hotfix, we introduced an issue that resulted in matchmaking not working for some players, this is something we will be looking to resolve in the new year. To ensure our Multiplayer community can continue to play over the Christmas period, we’ve uploaded an opt-in beta that will allow players to find matches in quick battle.

The beta has no other changes and so we recommend you only opt in for the quick battle functionality.

For more information on how to opt into this beta, please see the edited patch notes here: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-warhammer-ii-the-potion-of-speed-update/


  • GerryGamer7GerryGamer7 Munich, Bavaria | GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 414
    @CA_Duck and those to whom it may concern

    Hello Horsham,

    happy new year (or even decade, it depends on the way you count) to all of you.

    I hope I can speak for a lot of colleagues of mine in saying that the MP community was patiently waiting and still is, but we would like you to give a little feedback on those points:

    • MP quick battle seems to be divided in those playing on 1.8.1 and those on 1.8.2 – this is a bad situation since the already only few thousand players are confused which version to use.
    • The ladder reset did not work properly. There is this famous guy Ismal who is in the Top 30 five times. :D Second and third accounts did not get reset. No big deal now, but for a future build it is mandatory that this issue gets solved imho.
    • The plan to reset the ladder was good. **** happens. A little communication would be nice whether this is on your radar and will be solved. When? Late January? Sooner, later?
    • It would be super trooper califragilistic, if you can implement a match making while at it. I play on lichess and although as bad with chess as I am with Warhammer, it is a lot of fun, because I do have 45% winning percentage due to the fact that I play guys of my ranking.

    Thank you very much indeed

    No matter how negative i may sound, i love three kingdoms.
  • sonofabhorashsonofabhorash Registered Users Posts: 194
    Oh man i really thought we will be back in business latest this Friday
    I have a bad feeling about this
  • The_real_FAUSTThe_real_FAUST Registered Users Posts: 768
    A little more on the comms front would go a long way

    Notification on the launcher or on the main menu?
  • rambotop1playarambotop1playa Registered Users Posts: 54
    lol 10th of January and still no word from ca about the ladder fix. Reset the ladder but leaves it in a broken state just shows how much ca cares about multiplayer lol.
  • eumaieseumaies Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 6,087
    It's gonna be fixed on monday. That's the news.
  • sonofabhorashsonofabhorash Registered Users Posts: 194
    eumaies said:

    It's gonna be fixed on monday. That's the news.

    maybe they should hire you cause youre doin better job than them regarding the informations

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