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CTD and corruption of save - I cannot load the campaign afterwards.

SecuterSecuter Senior MemberDenmark, Aarhus.Registered Users Posts: 2,354
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My game crash to desktop when I attempt to load a campaign. This has happened twice now. Oddly enough, at both occurrences it happened as the "Chaos Stirs" event popped up, which leads me to believe that it triggers it - albeit that is by no means a certainty. The second problem is that I cannot load my campaign once this has happened.

The description fits this thread very well: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/203192/save-file-corruption
Once crashed, I cannot load the save file, and if I attempt it anyway it will crash after loading 20% of the loading bar.

I do play with mods enabled. The strange thing is that so does my brother (exact same mods) and he doesn't crash - albeit he plays the Vortex campaign and I play ME. Regardless, the mods I use are not overhauls, and many are merely cosmetic.
Furthermore, disabling the mods doesn't change the fact that I cannot load the saved game again.

I will send the save file to my brother and see if he crash as well, or if its just me. - He also crashed.

Reading through other threads, I tried to delete my CA app roaming folder, though that didn't help either.

So, here's what I attached:
I've attached the two campaign which both crashed at the event "Chaos Stirs". I cannot load either of them. I also attached the crash reports from both of the campaigns.

Edit: It's not just on Chaos Stirs. It can happen at any point. I also managed to get past it, but it required me to load a way older save. Secondly, it will crash regularly - and corrupt the save as well. It sometimes happens when I exit a battle. Regardless, I've dropped this campaign. Having to redo 5-10 turns now and then gets old really fast.
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