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Faster turn times now, possible for 3-4 multiplayer campaigns?

UnknownOneUnknownOne Registered Users Posts: 1
As the title pretty much explains itself, do you think the game should now have a 3-4 player capacity in the multiplayer campaign? since the update, me and my friend have been playing a lot of mortal empires lately and now that another one of my friends bought the game because of this update I feel like this is a good chance to do so with the latest update decreasing the turn times. Anyone else agree?


  • LawfulgoodLawfulgood Registered Users Posts: 1
    oh boy I hope so. Only being able to play with one friend is severely limiting and forces me to play other games with my friends.
  • ScrubiusScrubius Registered Users Posts: 1
    Other titles such as Civ , paradox titles, all have more player capacity. i get it that these are different games from total war but if we can have 2 players we should be able to have 4. Turn times dont matter when you're playing with friends. I really think it would bring more players into the franchise.
  • jdone117jdone117 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Scrubius said:

    Turn times dont matter when you're playing with friends.

    I only got into total war because my buddy asked me to play warhammer with him 2 years ago, and that was obviously pre turn time patch. The long turn times never matter when you have a good friend to shoot **** with.
  • menandrosmenandros Registered Users Posts: 30
    thank god! Someone who have the same opinion with me. We must have multiplayer campaign for 3 players and more. Players must wright here or to my post and saport it. CA must make it hapend.
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