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Black screen after battle initiation

epic_159749037594IBlNjhHepic_159749037594IBlNjhH Registered Users Posts: 6
So, i bought a new computer and one of the games i really wanted to play after years of using the lowest settings was war hammer.

basically a few minutes into the game, my screen will turn black but i would still be able to hear the game. my PC will become unresponsive and i would be forced to restart it.
i read somewhere here that the problem is the DPI cable, so i switched it to HDMI and it seemed to work.
i started the campaign but when i started a battle when i was supposed to position my units the screen will turn black again.
and yes i updated all my drivers, reinstalled the game, even updated the monitor drivers and i also limited my monitor's refresh rate to 59/60 Hz since i read it might cause the trouble.
after a few brutes restarted my system become corrupted and i had to format my PC.
after i did it, i tried to play again but it didn't help.
i dont have a crash report to attach since there isnt one cause technically it didnt crash.

i will attach the dxdiag, save game, logs, etc.
i am using 3 mods:
Faster end turn camera
home region movement larger bonus
Nitz max level 60- 2xpoints on level up.

i also saw many other players who have 5700 XT are having the same issue.



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