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CA Please Give AI Vampires Their Brains Back

RoksoRokso Registered Users Posts: 36
The Vampire AI factions are useless. Are they so undead their brains rotted away?

While all the other AI factions are recruiting army after army on single settlements the Vampire Counts are siting in Sylvania with a single half stack. This is on Legendary by the way.

They are far to passive and get rolled over by the Empire and Dwarves.

They pose less of a threat to the world than the peasants of Chaos invasions.

Many patches ago the vampires used to be a serious threat to the world, bring that back to some degree please.

The Empire and Dwarf AI's have no threats in the old world and expand out of control.

Beastmen aren't a threat
Chaos isn't a threat
Norsca isn't a threat
Greenskins aren't a threat
Vampires aren't a threat

The Empire is supposed to be fighting for survival against these horrors.
The Dwarves are a dying race, yet they are more numerous than the Greenskins.

I'm not asking for the pendulum to swing the complete other way back to the Greentide or Vampire tide, but there must be a middle ground somewhere. The factions of order are running around unopposed. It makes for a dull campaign experience when playing a "good" faction and a frustrating experience as a "evil" faction.

Bit of a rant but please, give the AI Vampires their brains back.

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