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Bugged head-to-head campaign save files

RiwillionRiwillion Registered Users Posts: 19
Hi, me and my friend have been playing TW2 head to head, me as Von Carstein, him as Eshin, and for a while, everything was working fine, but around turn 80 or so I think, we started to seemingly randomly be unable to load the campaign - I would resume it as host, and he would not be able to join because the save could not be loaded on his side. However, only some saves would be affected, sometimes autosaves, sometimes manual saves, with seemingly no pattern.

So, is this a known issue? If so, is there any known fix? We have tried verifying game files, checking if we had the same save files (we do, apparently), disabling all DLCs that we were not using in that campaign respectively (as one post regarding a similar or possibly identical issue sugggested), and nothing has worked so far.


  • RiwillionRiwillion Registered Users Posts: 19
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    Bumping, because for some reason, my posts are apparently always ignored completely on this forum.
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