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How to mod wound recovery time

stzoostzoo Registered Users Posts: 6
Is it possible to mod wound recovery time for all characters? I'm using an immortality for all mod and would like to offset that by making wound recovery longer, but can't figure out how to do it. I see that another mod that did it by modifying it for every individual lords, linked below, but that may be too difficult for me to manage/update.



  • stzoostzoo Registered Users Posts: 6
    It actually looks like the mod I listed was updated Dec 12, but it does only affect legendary lords. It follows the following template in effect_bundles_to_effects_junctions_tables:

    wh_dlc03_lord_trait_bst_malagor wh_main_effect_character_wound_recovery_time_mod faction_to_character_own 99995 start_turn_completed

    Is there maybe a list of all character names in one of the DB files so I could apply this change to everyone at once? Is there a better way to go about this?
  • ricmornricmorn Registered Users Posts: 232
    I have not tested it myself, but I believe you're looking for character_convalescence_time_base in the campaign_variables table. It is by base 5 (turns).
  • stzoostzoo Registered Users Posts: 6
    Definitely seemed like it was the right line, but didn't seem to change anything when I replaced a lord after booting up. I did get a response from the modder I linked above telling me how I could re-purpose his mod to get the effect I'm looking for, so I'll go that route for now. Would have been nice if it was as simple as just changing one line to affect all characters!
  • ricmornricmorn Registered Users Posts: 232
    Did you replace a Lord by removing them from an army or from them being wounded? By losing a battle and being immortal for instance? I tested it myself by tossing an immortal lord alone at an army.


    After modding the 5 to 10
  • stzoostzoo Registered Users Posts: 6
    Thanks so much! I feel pretty dumb for not testing it by actually dying in battle. Looks like it's working!

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