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Marienburg Port unable to be built Bug

CoretenCoreten Registered Users Posts: 1
edited January 2020 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Build Number: v1.8.1 13089.1833768

I am playing Karl Franz as Reikland and when I try to build the special Marienburg port, it will not let me build it. It won't even let me build a regular port or upgrade it depending on whether or not it was already built. It displays the building as "Ruined Port" instead of "Ruined Marienburg Harbours" or whichever special building name it's supposed to have. If the basic port is already built when you take the settlement, then the port cannot be upgraded past whatever level it is already at. I believe the reason for why this occurred is because Nakai the Wanderer wandered all the way over to the Empire's land and took Marienburg from Bretonnia in the early game. This caused the Defenders of the Great Plan to settle the region and replace the port building with their own proprietary singular building that they have. This may have overwrote the code to prevent the Marienburg special port from being built for the rest of the entire game.

I even downloaded the "Abandon Region" mod to destroy the settlement and re-settle it to see if it would fix, but it did not work. Destroying the settlement, and the port along with it, did not replace the "Ruined Port" building with the appropriate special Marienburg variant.

I believe I have seen a similar bug to this when I was playing as Lokhir Fellheart and conquered land from the Defenders of the Great Plan and one of the ports was bugged and unable to be built in a similar fashion to this.
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  • XhalXhal Registered Users Posts: 158
    This does happen to any city with a port not just marienburg.

    Any city with a port the defenders of the great plan take over is permanently bugged after and unable to build the port.

    I had this happen in temple of Kara.

    I confederated spirit of the jungle which gave me all the cities from defenders of the great plan, and was unable to build the port.

    I let another faction take it, they couldn't build a port either.

    I razed the city to the ground.
    Recolonized it.

    Still can't build a port.

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