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Has anyone created a mod yet the stops you from loosing trustworthiness for defending your vassal?

JerroserJerroser Registered Users Posts: 793
I recently decided to have a go at the game again after a few patches appear to have been released but am rather annoyed to find that when you opt to join go to war with someone who declares war on one of your vassals the game still sees this as an act of treachery if you had made peace with them recently. In my recent game it has become especially annoying as I took hold of the Emperor and the declaration of war was on the Han.

So I was wondering if anyone in the modding community has actually come up with a way to stop this or if its part of an issue that's hard coded in to the games diplomacy system?


  • BaulthazarBaulthazar Registered Users Posts: 30
    edited January 2020
    I would hope this does become a mod or rather it doesn't.

    Yes for - A modder could probably dish out a mod for this in under a month.
    a No for - I would rather have CA tweak this.

    I've had this happen to me, but on the reverse side of it.
    I was at war with the Han faction. Liu Bei recently vassals them when he abducts the emperor.

    I continue my attack since I am already in Han territory and the game asks me declare war again. I thought it odd and was worried about it, but declared war again even though we were already at war. It gives me the untrustworthy effect because I was trading with Liu Bei.
    What happens is that the game declares war on Liu Bei for me because his vassal was at war. Within that same turn or whomever is next on the list of factions taking their turn that season. This making me the bad guy for already being at war.
    I would hope to think that the game shows an event where the vassal asking their proprietor for help in a war, thus making Liu Bei untrustworthy instead of me.

    In fact one game Liu Bei was my vassal and he his attitude with me the entire game was above 200+ . And within the first 10 turns of being my vassal he declared war on every one of his neighbors and asked me to help. He threathened to go independent If I didn't go to war with him. Some of these guys were trade partners or I recently made trade deals. Sadly to not lose out on my vassal I agree and become untrustworthy to everyone.

    Bottom line I totally agree I think the AI should be penalized just as much as the player for this. And in some cases the player should not be penalized for being dragged into a war that he did not declare.

    Despite my unique case where this happened, if you declare war on a vassal and have a deal going with his master, its, sadly, programmed to go to war with both of them.

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