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Simple and effective rune changes

littlenuke#9412littlenuke#9412 Registered Users Posts: 855
An idea for simple rune changes which can greatly increase rune usability and quality of play for the dawi:

- Anvil of doom reduces rune recharge time

- current rune of wrath and ruin renamed to rune of shackles

- new rune of wrath and ruin implemented to be like a Foot of Gork. An idea is an ethereal hammer pounds the ground dealing major magical damage.

These changes can be very beneficial for expanding the dawi's playstyle and are relatively minor changes. They greatly increase rune usability and is a step in a more lore friendly direction.

Thank you

- Karaz A Karak discord
Karaz-A-Karak discord: https://discord.gg/UZV6F5N

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