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time frame for release date?

alstlalstl MemberPosts: 316Registered Users
This game interests me.


  • mahboi1mahboi1 Member Posts: 773Registered Users
    Not for a while, I don't think.
    Sigmar wills it!
  • Agnez69Agnez69 Junior Member Posts: 11Registered Users
    Most likely in September 2020.
  • ArneSoArneSo Posts: 3,584Registered Users
    I think May 2020 is more realistic.
  • iceniiicenii Senior Member The PhilippinesPosts: 1,371Registered Users
    I cannot force you to believe the truth but i can allow you to believe a lie. Quote by me " Icenii ".
  • alstlalstl Member Posts: 316Registered Users
    Thanks - I've been wanting another gunpowder era game but this game looks good so long as the superhero stuff isn't overdone.
  • DaruwindDaruwind Junior Member Posts: 89Registered Users
    CA prefers two release windows 1) May-June (with a few games being released as early as March..) and 2) around September

    Due to time when Troy was announced, the 1) makes more sense unless there are some delays. Plus CA usually announce next game after dropping previous one. So if Troy is September, that would mark earliest time to announce Wh3 properly which would push realese date of Wh3 at least to May 2021. And announce period for Troy would be longer than for Wh3. It should be opposite...so Troy in May, announcement for Wh3, release about year later...:)
  • ikkiikki Junior Member Posts: 122Registered Users
    2022, maybe 2023?
  • KrunchKrunch Junior Member Posts: 3,965Registered Users
    It's definitely coming out in 2020. I am sure of that. But I think more towards the end of the year makes more sense as opposed to May. September sounds about right, I don't expect WH3 will come this year.
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