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Preview of The Mandate of Heaven a new DLC for TW Three Kingdoms

SpectorSpector Senior MemberBelgradeRegistered Users Posts: 814
This video is a preview of new content DLC for TW Three Kingdoms called The Mandate of Heaven which comes out on the 16th of January 2020. It includes:
-New characters and six new playable warlords including the Zhang brothers and Emperor Liu Hong
-Unique new campaign mechanics, events and objectives
-40 new battlefield units and new unit abilities
-The ability to begin a campaign in 182 CE just before the Yellow Turban rebellion…
Then play through the conflict and deep into the Three Kingdoms period

Mandate of Heaven introduces a host of new characters, 40 new battle units, a major re-balance of existing units rosters to encourage more diverse army builds, and unique faction mechanics for both new and existing playable Warlords which create distinctively different play-styles and campaign experiences.

A comprehensive game update will accompany Mandate of Heaven’s launch, featuring a great many tweaks, balance changes, bug fixes, and improvements – more on this soon.

Tao Qian is the new free-LC playable warlord being released with the Mandate of Heaven DLC. He will come alongside a number of new units, the full details of which will be announced soon.
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