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Total War: Warhammer 3 End times

greg013greg013 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello guys! I felt the need to write a suggestion about how we can improve the end times on TW:W3 (dissclamer, i dont really know much about the lore)

So! I envision the game to roll at the early stages the same way it currently is and we all love! Actually everything remains the same up until the player is strong enough and the end times come. (CA decides when that is)

At this point all the good guys declare war on all the bad guys (like the rats vs lizards) and we spend some turns in this world war, while the north grows restless... At this point you realise that you should have helped every good guy get as strong as possible and not only care for yourself.

After an X amount of turns have passed, Archaon with the cavalary arrives! Now that is an important part... Archaon now doesn't only have 4,5 laughable armies, but rather X amount of armies all the good guys have together, or something like that... (Something like 10x chaos mod).

They start to descent on the world and easily destroy everything they find in their way, until they reach the capital on Kislev to siege it for 5 turns before the attack... At that point every good guy (maybe neutrals as well) get the classic pop up for a battle event (final battle of the vortex style) informing them they have 5 turns to get an army ready and dispatch it to Kislev (One per faction, not subfaction, meaning 1 army from Empire, 1 from Lizards and so on)... Now we have the first big problem... Every defending army gets on the map and 4 attacking armies (that's a lot of units). The attack begins and we have to note here that noone can retreat (we don't want any survivors...). When a friendly unit dies, it dies, but when an enemy unit dies, the next one takes it's place (chaos will always have 80 units on the field). And the endless hordes of chaos keep pilling up dead bodies, until the resistant fails inevitably (no more ammo, front line or will to live)... So as you realise by now, the goal at that first battle is not to save Kislev, but to take down as many chaos warriors with you as possible. Chaos will inevitably be victorious in that first epic encounter, so they will get a chunk of bonuses, the main one I find imperative, is to give all the chaos armies double(? Not married to that number) mobility range, so they can advance faster and not give time to the defenders to lick their wounds. Chaos keeps advancing like a tidal wave to the world of men. Next stop is of course Atldorf! Same scenario, only this time the good guys get to send 2 defending armies each (only 20 units can be on the map at any given time from each defender, so this time the difference is that you have some reserves as well). Again the goal is to inflict as much damage as possible. Again the Chaos being victorious get some bonuses with the main one being that when a Chaos army razes a settlement, they do not get mobility or action penalty, making their advance even faster. Next stop is Lothern. Same scenario, this time the defenders can have 3 armies, making this the final multi faction defence. If Lothern falls, the main bonus chaos armies get is the ability to teleport(opening a portal or some ****) their armies into the main factions capitals (Itza, Karaz-a-Karak and so on). Important note that now the remaining chaos armies split and attack the remaining capitals all the same turn. Again the siege takes 5 turns before the assault no matter what, giving a bit of time to the defenders to assembe some type of defence. From now on everyone is alone, trying to fend of the attacking armies of chaos, until they succeed...Or not...

That is basically the vision I have for the ultimate end times experience!

And now some random thoughts...

1)At least the main settlements I named above get a map rework and become more like some of the amazing community maps I have seen (but with the addition that the AI can attack and defend them)

2)Chaos will eventually run out of armies, so they will be able to spawn additional armies from the settlements they have raised every X turns, making it truly an endless tide. The strength of these armies will depend on the chaos corruption of those settlements. This is a good way to make the player feel the need to cleanse the world from chaos corruption as soon as possible in case they withstand the initial attack, cause otherwise they will never stop coming! Also side note, make the chaos razed settlements have chaos armies (embedded in the city)(can't find the word to save my life right now...) defending them, whose strength rises with corruption.

3) I know that a battle with so many units can destroy PC's, but I have faith in CA, and having seen some battles using the laboratory, i honestly believe it is plausible

4) What about the bad guys you ask? I don't know... Maybe the end times start if the good guys win the world war (not so lore friendly) maybe they just don't attack the good guys while they battle chaos... Maybe they join chaos... I don't know, but I am sure you guys can think of something good for the baddies

5) What about the neutral guys? Still don't know, but it would be good if during this whole **** show they could decide to join the good or the bad guys, or they could take advantage of the situation to become as powerful as possible and then launch a second game ending event (Rise of Nagash) (I have some ideas for that as well, but the post will get wayyy too long)

6) What about Norscans? They could join Archaon and become warriors of Chaos or be obliterated...

7) What about the Chaos player? I have some ideas about that as well... Shortly kinda like a civil war between the 4 chaos gods at first, taking place at the chaos realm (which you try to win as fast as possible), in order to make the other gods pick your everchosen to send onto the world... And then we see...

Tl;tr: Basically a 10x chaos mod, but better implemented

Sorry for the long post!

Hope you can understand everything, since English isn't my main language!!!

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