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generals always die after losing battle

JetFuryJetFury Registered Users Posts: 7
is this WAD? it seems my generals always die upon losing a battle which makes me more likely to savescum. The enemy on the other hand, doesnt always perish from a loss. Not taking into account death from the battlefield, only post rout.


  • HerrickHerrick Registered Users Posts: 220
    It happens most of the times
  • JetFuryJetFury Registered Users Posts: 7
    what are the circumstances necessary for them to not?
  • HerrickHerrick Registered Users Posts: 220
    I believe it's about the % of battle casualties
  • EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 67
    What bodyguard unit your generals have? What faction do you play as?

    I suspect bodyguards that are shock cavalry/shock infantry die more easily in autoresolves thus the general dies with them.

    In my campaigns as ERE or other factions with a sturdy bodyguard, the general almost always survives a mild defeat.

    In battles of course things are different, unless you concede defeat, very rarwly will you lose the battle before losing your general.
  • RamborampageRamborampage Registered Users Posts: 3
    If your commanders force gets decimated in battle there's like a 99% chance the commander will die along side his troops. About 1% of the time my commander will be "wounded" instead of killed. The only commander in the entire game that is really exempt to this rule is Attila himself Hence why it's very important to deploy defenses wisely. You can't wait for your commander to be surrounded in the heat of battle before you hit the retreat button.

    I never enter a battle I cannot win, and when I have to defend against a superior force, my commander will be the very last group into battle. Not to mention your commanders special abilities can be critical to winning a battle.

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