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possible building bug

DaruwindDaruwind Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 531
edited January 11 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Not sure, but looking at Toolmaker industry building, it should increase amount of tradable resources from Industry minor villages right? And there are other similar buildings too. My expectation would be to see ingame increase of those resources but instead there is default production values of vanilla buildings.. So bug or I´m missing something? Asking because I plan to do little building mod...


But now I´m realizing i see ingame still vanilla/default production values. For example that Toolmaker chain (Tool Foundry) should increase industry villages +60% at level 3. So the the Lumber Trader should produce about 48 units of wood right instead of default 30.


  • DaruwindDaruwind Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 531
    Ok, no bug after all. Seems the correct numbers are displayed under Economy/Trade tab. Just province building UI is not showing altered numbers...
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