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Medieval 3 anyone? following what made Rome 2 such a successful game?

W33m4n2468W33m4n2468 Registered Users Posts: 2
A medieval game on a new engine, with the historic attention to detail, numerous different units unique to each faction numerous unique nations true to history, political systems unique to factions like the senate in Rome 2 and then the barbarian versions etc, but just for example for a new medieval game there could be a wittan where you need support from the nobles of your lands if playing medieval England or in particular wessex if the game really wants to be more specific with Britain's factions and maybe for Scotland having to gain the support of various clans as a political system the list could go on for various factions, worked for Rome 2 and the fans loved it, the family tree system was also great, giving players more choice and gameplay for their faction. Playing on an expansive map of the known medieval world just like Rome 2s known world, navies like Rome 2 allowing naval invasions and disembarking on battle map and using naval units like Rome 2 would just improve the battle experience bringing numerous tactical opportunities (picturing the Russel crowe Robin Hood movie here when the French try to invade the British beach for reference lol, got me buzzed though) basically if they made a medieval game now with everything that made rome 2 successful including the battles that actually felt like battles and lasted a bit of time before a unit routed unlike the easyness of later games such as the warhammer games where an enemy unit will waver within what feels like 30 secs lol rather than battle it out to the last few men, and the different terrain true to your location on the campaign map during battles like Rome 2, if all this could be achieved on a new medieval game like Rome 2 I would absolutely 1million percent buy and if the base game was good and there was dlc and the constant game support and attention to patches and updates that helped make rome 2 one of the best total war games of all time that stands the test of time this game would end up taking all my money haha. But anyway a guy can only dream only these guys at total war can make this possible. The heart wants what the heart wants 😂
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  • Sir_SnowySir_Snowy Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5
    A MEDIEVAL 3 would be awesome, as would a EMPIRE 2 (can ship battles frm Empire get any better?).

    I'd also love to see a WWI or WWII total war, but would probably be too hard to do what with fast moving vehicles and airpower, though a WWII city siege going house to house would be pretty cool (CoH managed it though).

  • TheGreatPamphletTheGreatPamphlet Registered Users Posts: 471
    What made Rome 2 so successful war misleading marketing and the fact that it's the last major game featuring Europe. Amphibious battles are terribly bugged, so I hope they stay away, also the battle map does not take into account your position in the campaign map. Rome II is a very bad game that only the mods saved it from Oblivion, I hope it doesn't inspire any future title, fantasy or historical.

    Allah, Suriya, Bashar w Bas!
  • virginia1861virginia1861 Registered Users Posts: 132
    yes we want medievil 3.
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