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[BUGS] Minor UI Bugs/Inconsistencies

Sir_BadgerSir_Badger Registered Users Posts: 23
(As of King's Shilling 1.8.3)
Good Day! The new unit portraits for legendary lords/heroes look very cool, though I have noticed a couple bugs with them.
-Deathmaster Snikch's lord portrait is not used when selecting him in either campaign, unlike other lords'.
-Malus Darkblade's lord portrait is not used when selecting him in either campaign, unlike other lords'.
-Gor Rok and Tiktaq'to's unit portraits are flipped in campaign selection (I think I have OCD, no?).
-Thorgrim's lord portrait does not appear as his porthole portrait when going into battle, unlike other lords'.
-Karl Franz's 2D porthole portrait is mirrored from his unit portrait.

All Found Unit Class Inconsistencies:
-"Marauder Champions (Great Weapons)", "Red Crested Skinks", "Cohort of Sotek (RoR)", and Morghur the Shadowgave should be classed as either "Hammer Infantry" or "Mace infantry", not "Great Axe Infantry" and "Axe Infantry" (Morghur).
-"Red Crested Skink Chief" Should be classed as "Halberd Infantry", not "Great Axe Infantry".
-"Red Crested Skink Chief" on Horned one mount should be changed to "Cold One Cavalry" not "Cavalry".
-"Red Crested Skink Chief" on Ancient Stegadon mount should be classed as "Missile Monster", not "Cavalry".
-Tehenhauin should be classed as "Wizard", not "Sword Infantry", and the same reclass goes for all his mounts.
-Kroq-Gar on Cold One and Horned One mounts should be reclassified to "Cold One Spear Cavalry", not "Cold One Cavalry".
-"Feral Cold Ones" should be classed as either "Hunting Packs" or "War Beasts", not "Cold One Cavalry".
-"Peasant Mob" Should be reclassed to "Hammer (Cudgel?) Infantry" or "Sword Infantry", not "Axe Infantry".
-"Tomb Prince" on Skeletal Steed mount should be classed as "Shock Cavalry", not "Halberd Infantry".
-"Necrotect" and "Tomb Prince" on Skeleton Chariot mounts should be classed as "Chariot", not "Whip Infantry" and "Halberd Infantry".
- "Orc Big 'Uns", "Nehekhara Warriors", "The Khepra Guard (RoR)", "Usirian's Legion of the Netherworld (campaign)", Lokhir Fellheart, Crone Hellebron, and Queek Headtaker should be classed as "Dual Sword Infantry", not "Sword Infantry"
-"Night Goblin Warboss" and Skarsnik should be classed as "Spear Infantry", not "Sword Infantry" and "Halberd Infantry".
-"Alastar the White Lion" should be classed as "Great Axe Infantry", not "Axe Infantry".
-Throgg, "Fimir Warriors (Great Weapons)", "Norscan Ice Trolls", "Sepulchral Stalkers", "Eyes of the Desert (RoR)", "Kroxigors", "Kroxigor Ancient", and "Blessed Kroxigors (campaign)" should be classed as "Monstrous Infantry Great Weapons", not "Hammer Infantry" (Throgg) and "Monstrous Infantry" (alternatively, reclass "Minotaurs (Great Weapons)" and Throgg to "Monstrous Infantry" and remove "Monstrous Infantry Great Weapons" class).
-"Skink Cohort (Javelins)" should be reclassed to "Javelin Infantry", not "Missile Infantry" (alternatively, reclass "Marauder Hunters (Javelins)" to "Missile Infantry" and remove "Javelin Infantry" class).
-High Queen Khalida should be reclassed to either "Melee" or "Spear Infantry", not "Sword Infantry".
-Settra the Absolute Legend should be reclassed to "Wizard", not "Halberd Infantry", and the same reclass goes for all his mounts.
-"Forsaken" and "The Daemonspew (RoR)" should be classed as either "Mace" or "Melee Infantry", not "Sword Infantry".
-"Skeleton Horsemen" should be classed as "Shock Cavalry", not "Spear Cavalry".
-"Dreadlord (Sword and Crossbow)" on Cold One and Dark Pegasus mount should be reclassed to "Hybrid weapon Cold One Cavalry" and "Hybrid Weapon Flying Cavalry" respectively, not "Hybrid Weapon Cavalry" (Could also drop the 'Hybrid Weapon" from these, or change the unit and all mounts to "Hybrid Weapon Specialist", could also do with High Elf "Princess").
-"Dreadlord (Sword and Shield)" on Cold One and Dark Pegasus mount should be reclassed to "Cold One Cavalry" and "Flying Cavalry" respectively, not "Cavalry".
-Malus Darkblade on Spite should be classed as "Cold One Cavalry", not "Cavalry".
-"Ancient Treeman" and Durthu should be classed to "Wizard", not "Monster".

In regards to cavalry in this game, I believe "Shock Cavalry" is defined as cavalry made to deliver most damage on impact and are not optimal in sustained combat, and thus armed with spear/lance type weapons. "Cavalry" would be functionally opposite, and thus would be armed with swords, axes, or maces. Given these definitions are true, the following unit classifications should be changed:
-Alberic de Bordeleaux (Mounted on a Barded Warhorse), "Mounted Yeomen", "Night Goblin Warboss" (When Mounted on Great Cave Squig), "Goblin Wolf Riders", "Moon Howlers (RoR)", and "Forest Goblin Spider Riders" (whose class icon should have a spear, not a sword) should be reclassed to "Shock Cavalry", not "Cavalry".
-"Orc Boar Boyz", "Savage Orc Boar Boyz", and "Savage Orc Boar Boy Big 'Uns" should be reclassed to "Cavalry", not "Shock Cavalry".

Suggestions (and possible new classes):
-Khazrak One-eye and "Necrotect" should be classed to "Sword & Whip Infantry" (almost like DE High Beastmaster), not "Sword Infantry" and "Whip Infantry" respectively (new class).
-Since the "Hand of the Shadow Crown" is classed as an "Assassin", it would make sense to reclass Dark Elf "Khainite Assassin", Skaven "Master Assassin", "Assassin", and Deathmaster Snikch to this as well.
-Brettonian "Royal Hippogryph Knights" could be classed as "Flying Monstrous Cavalry" rather than just "Flying Cavalry" (new class, is not suitable for "Flying Monster" since there is more than one of them).
-Some new class for Thorgrim? He's not quite a "Chariot", but not quite "Great Axe Infantry" either.
-All below lords and heroes on their monster/flying monster mounts should be classed as "Monstrous Cavalry" and "Flying Monstrous Cavalry"(new class) when on them rather than just as "Monster" or "Flying Monster" (or other mislabeled classes):
--Brettonia: "Lord", Henri le Massif, Alberic de Bordeleaux, and Louen on Hippogryph and Beaquis.
--Dark Elves: "High Beastmaster", "Dreadlord"(both variants), Lokhir Fellheart, and Crone Hellebron on Manticores, Black Dragons, and Maelstrom.
--Empire: "General of the Empire", Boris Todbringer, and Karl Franz on Imperial Griffons and Deathclaw.
--Greenskins: "Orc Warboss" on Wyvern.
--High Elves: "Princess", "Prince", and Alastar the White Lion on Great Eagle, Sun, Moon, and Star Dragons.
--Lizardmen: "Saurus Oldblood" and Kroq-Gar on Carnosaur and Grymloq.
--Skaven: "Warlord" on Bonebreaker.
--Tomb Kings: High Queen Khalida on a Necroserpent.
--Vampire Coast: Aranessa Saltspite and Luthor Harkon on Rotting Promethean and Death Shriek Terrorgheist (or reclass Luthor Harkon and his mount to "Hybrid Weapon Specialist").
--Warriors of Chaos: "Chaos Lord" on Manticore and Chaos Dragon.

Other misc bugs include:
-"Nehekhara Warriors" and "Nehekhara Horsemen" (along with their campaign-only RoRs) should have an "n", making them "Nehekharan".
-"Sacred Kroxigor" unit lacks an "s" to make it plural, there is more than one entity in the unit.
-"Bloated Corpse" does not cause terror, but this is listed in its unit overview panel.
-All Tomb Kings Lords and Heroes (save Khatep and the Liche Priests), "Wood units" such as "Dryads", "Ancient Treeman", etc., the "Frost-Wyrm", and "Norscan Ice Trolls" show a fire weakness of "-25%" and "-20%" when moused over. Should be changed to "Fire Weakness: +25%/20%" to keep in line with regen units and avoid confusion.
-Class icons for "Orc Boar Boy Big 'Uns" and "Broken Tusk Mob"(RoR) should be changed to reflect their spear/shock cavalry weapons.
-The class icon for "Wildwood Rangers" should be a glaive rather than a greatsword.
-On the Dark Elf "Master", some shields are currently inverted on the model, with the sweep going towards the head, not away
-Skaven "Master Assassin" and "Eshin Sorcerer" fingers are extended on the model, not holding their weapons.
-"Tomb King", High Queen Khalida, and Settra the Imperishable while mounted on a Khemrian warsphinx or Necroserpent have the "Undead" trait rather than the "Construct" trait.
-"Master Necromancer", "Necromancer", Helman Ghorst, and Heinrich Kemmler are not undead characters, but they have the "Undead" trait, with "crumbling" and "disintegrating". (Not sure if this is a bug, might be crucial for balance, still strange though).
"Race Attributes" in campaign lord selection is inconsistent, as several factions within the same race have different abilities shown here. Could be renamed to "Faction overview", or something that indicates these attributes do not apply to the whole race.
-Does Arkhan the Black's chariot have a name? If so, his chariot should bear it instead of the default "Skeleton Chariot". The same goes for Luthor Harkon's Death Shriek Terrorgheist.

As an aside, since Kroak (a legendary hero) got a portrait overhaul, it is strange others did not as well. Other heroes/lords that could do with a portrait revamp are:
-The Green Knight
-Henri le Massif
-King Lunn Ironhammer
-Halkenhaf Stonebeard
-Dramar Hammerfist
-Throni Ironbrow
-Rodrik L'Anguille
-Hertwig van Hal
-Jorek Grimm

(maybes-though this may imply all minor faction LLs should)
-The Red Duke
-Sarthorael the Everwatcher
-Boris Todbringer
-Alastar the White Lion
-Azrik the Maze Keeper
-Kihar the Tormentor

If anyone has any other bugs that match this category, let me know below and I will add them to this "List of Grudges".
If any developer happens upon this, thanks, and keep up the good work!
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