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Heart-breaking crash bug on co-op campaign victory

OhManTFE#5707OhManTFE#5707 Registered Users Posts: 35
edited January 2020 in Multiplayer Bugs
285 turns into our co-op Mortal Empires campaign (Tiqtaqto and Arkhan) and upon reaching the victory condition of 140 settlements the game crashes without fail no matter what we do.

v1.8.2 Build

Research online shows this problem has been occurring since 2016: In that second link you can even see a CA employee confirmed the bug was real and informed the devs, but still no fix today in 2020... WTH CA? (Yeah, I get it, co-op players are a small percentage, and players who actually make it all the way to the end must be even smaller. But, hell, have you thought about WHY it's a small percentage? I'm not very keen to start up a new co-op campaign now that I know I can never beat it, right?? This was my first ever co-op campaign, and the worst part is this was my mate's very first campaign in the TOTAL WAR SERIES! Surely co-op players should at least deserve to BEAT the game, even if they are low priority, right??)

And yes we tried numerous things to fix it to no avail (disabling mods, trying to finish on each of our turns). We actually wanted to keep playing and paint the map but now we can never do it! Does anyone know any way to fix this issue? Is there a mod that disables victory condition or can change the 140 figure to 999? Has anyone actually ever finished a Mortal Empires co-op campaign without crashing?

After barely holding on against a combined united Empire, Bretonnia and Dwarf force (due to one-army bug crushing the Vampire Counts) Arkhan finally completed the Nagash landmark (OP AF!) and we conquered all of Bretonnia and part of The Empire before the victory-crash begins. So crushing to have put in so much time and effort only to be hit with this campaign-killing bug!!!

Here is the save file. I only ask that you pour one out for Arkhan the Black and Tiqtaqto, a promising empire that ended too soon.

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