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TW Warhammer (ME) Malus darkblade possession stuck

FrontaffeFrontaffe Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 25
i have a Problem with the possession of Malus. First it was stuck at 9 and din´t move to 10 then i allowed full possession just befor a Battle to win it. Malus died in that Battle ... after that i could not change the Possession back. Even after Malus had recoverd i still am not able to turn it back down. Please help it really sucks to have - 50% replenishment rate for all my Armis.

My entiire campain feels bugged and unblanaced. I cant trade i get overrunn by dwarfs and there is still no Chaos Invasion in turn 285 and now that ! Is the campain ment to teache us suffering just like Malus does ? ;)

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