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Cannot play multiplayer games

bogus44bogus44 Registered Users Posts: 3
hi there,

since I bought the game about a month ago, I am completely unable to play multiplayer games with people.

on the multiplayer lobby's: I can find one server every hour, but its usually empty, or locked.

on the ranked multiplayer mode: I wait for a long time and still don't get paired up with someone.

I find the only way I can play this online is by inviting friends, but kind of hard to do since you cant find people to play with in the first place, making it harder to find friends.
I have no problems with Attila, for example, which would assume has way smaller player base.

Also, on ranked mode, the default should be records, not romance.

Is this a server issue?

Thanks, all the best.


  • bogus44bogus44 Registered Users Posts: 3
    ...needless to say I do press the refresh button all the time, and tick/untick all the boxes of "passworded" "non friends", all of that
  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,162
    I don't 100% know if this is the issue....but the Three Kingdoms multiplayer scene IS incredibly small.

    There were just too many bugs and exploits and balance problems methinks.

    Whatever the reason...it never caught on.

    Even trying to find content to watch....most of the Total War Youtube personalities....even those who DO play Three Kingdoms and produce Three Kingdoms content...primarily do it as single-player. While for their multiplayer content they primarily play something else, like Warhammer.
  • IMpracticalLYIMpracticalLY Registered Users Posts: 52
    It's dead bro, we tried for months to get CA to acknowledge and address the imbalances of multiplayer, from the default locked romance mode to the 6x Xu Chu spam. It was unplayable for months unless you wanted to get spam rolled or spam roll others.

    I and many others including yourself it seems essentially payed 89$ for a single player game with historical battles included, I couldn't even finish my first two campaigns due to bugs relating to succession events, was a beautiful game on the surface and in the media, other than that an amazingly disappointing failure. Oh they made their money on it sure enough, record sales due primarily to their Chinese player base, so it's not like they care about the feedback or anything, I've even seen and provided evidence for threads deleted and censured by moderators on this forum for addressing serious issues.

    Whole thing was a joke, they continued (and continue) making marketable dlc's for Total War Warhammer 2 to keep heir revenue up, because they know a significant portion of their loyal player base still resides in a game nearly 3 years old. Absolute disgrace, they refused me my refund after I found out I couldn't even finish my campaign despite providing the save files proving myself right.

  • bogus44bogus44 Registered Users Posts: 3
    damn, I didn't know it was that bad..

    Thanks for the answer, you're the first person with an actual answer to what happened.

    Sucks that multiplayer is dead, and campaign is full of bugs.
  • IMpracticalLYIMpracticalLY Registered Users Posts: 52
    This should give a pretty clear picture.



    More people playing TWW2 than Three Kingdoms, been a spike since the new dlc though.
  • Mr_C_Mr_C_ Member Registered Users Posts: 32
    Still no improvement to mp battles lobby or ppl just don't play this mode ?....On Rome II after 8 years there are many ppl still playing online battles...
    «SEN» Mr. C
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