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Celestial Storm Lizardmen

PdcGunnerPdcGunner Registered Users Posts: 385
edited January 15 in General Discussion
so recently I have playing Crynsos's faction Unlocker and I have playing the Celestial Storm Rogue Faction. One thing I wanted to share is the fact that the lizardmen look super cool in Red, Black and White as seen here. I

got all the Standard lizardmen except Temple guard and Kroxigors as they aren't available to the faction.
its pretty cool as I like to think of them as Chaos lizardmen as in Vanilla they can get Dragon Ogres (unfortunately the mod doesn't allow that either).

any thoughts?


  • PdcGunnerPdcGunner Registered Users Posts: 385
    for rogue armies, you can only have the one main building (two or 3 if there is a resource and/or port) at level 1, you have access to one set of units(early game) and at level 2, you get access to another set of units (end game units). for the Storm in this mod unfortunately, I only have access to a few lizardmen units (not the full roster and no DLC), but there are other rogue armies that mix races like the Troll Skulz which has access to all troll and giant (from all races) units as well as Orc Big uns. or Vashnaar's Conquest which has a mix of dark elf and chaos units.

    you are immune to not having any settlements (no attrition), but you need settlements to recruit units and they produce a tiny amount of money (100 at level one and 200 at level 2.

    it is a very different way to play but it allows you to mix and match races and form a doomstack really quickly as the late game units are only at building level 2 and takes one turn to build it.
  • EnforestEnforest Registered Users Posts: 2,167

    Demand more love for Empire, Greenskins and Beastmen! Playable Middenland with Cult of Ulric! Expanded Beastmen roster with Ghorgon and Jabberslythe! Bring back Black Orcs variants and Orc Big Boss heroes!
  • kelembriborkelembribor Registered Users Posts: 664
    Red, Black and White and Storm Lizards?

    Just don't make them start any blitzkriegs and we will be fine! :p

  • Sir_GodspeedSir_Godspeed Registered Users Posts: 2,279
  • Akius_The_ZephyrAkius_The_Zephyr Registered Users Posts: 17
    crynosis re-added the rogue armies? They were gone for a bit!
  • PdcGunnerPdcGunner Registered Users Posts: 385
    I actually also kind of want an army color color picker.
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