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New Faction names and Name change requirements?

ZswordZsword Registered Users Posts: 10
Hey there, new to the forums, and trying to really, PAY ATTENTION, to the development of the game, and hoo boy trying to find information on what's changing is hard between the reddit, patch notes, and other sources.

Now, one thing that did change with the Potion of Speed that I was a little irked about was all the 'name is race' factions got changed to local names. While this works out, thematically nicely for some (Wood Elves, Norsca), where the faction leader wasn't necessarily the 'race' Faction leader, it also, doesn't make sense for others (Brettonnia, Empire, Vampire Coast) where the faction leader, is the main 'race' faction leader. Louen Leoncoeur is the King of Brettonia, Franz is the Emperor of the Empire, Luthor of The Vampire Coast is physically at the vampire coast, what gives?

Well, I was watching a video today and as the von Carsteins, they confederated Mannfried and Heimrich, and their faction name changed to Vampire Counts (the faction name.) A comment said this was announced but heaven forbid a comment provide a source.

Ultimately, was this comment right about this conditional name change being announced? Or is it now a shiny easter egg we get to find. If so, great! This strikes a nice balance for the Empire/Reikland and The Vampire Coast if they have similar situations. (still doesn't add up for Louen though, even if the crown is heridatory in Brettonia, it still has one active and very kingly king. The Empires psuedo-democracy-whatever kinda makes sense for Reikland when Franz is freshly managing, or if your starting as Volkmar adds up.)

Has anyone encountered any other name changes as they eliminated or confederated their racial rivals, even potentially among the races who didn't have a 'race as faction name' faction before (Ex: Elves)?


  • kevManiackevManiac Registered Users Posts: 541
    I haven't checked myself yet since the new DLC dropped (too busy), but I know that there is a name change from Reikland --> the Empire etc. I believe something along these lines were in the patch notes of the Potion of Speed update, but no specifics. But again, haven't tried myself yet, so not sure whose name changes, and whose not.
  • FredenFreden Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 369
    edited January 16
    Yes the comment was right, just keep playing and it will happen to you too. My faction is no longer called Lothern, it is called High Elves. I do not know the exact requirements but the change came when i controlled all of Ulthuan around turn 70. The other factions on Ulthuan were wiped out, but two high elf faction still remained, the Teclis faction and the Alith Anar faction.
  • ZswordZsword Registered Users Posts: 10
    I didn't disbelieve the comment, as it pointed out the change in a video of an unmodded campaign, but I was quite pleasantly surprised to see it. Especially since it initially felt like we were losing some 'flavor' for 'uniformity', but if they added some 'nuance' back in for everybody in exchange then that's cool. I was gonna start a Repanse save tomorrow to see if I could make Chevaliers into Brettonia.
  • YannirYannir Registered Users Posts: 417
    Black Crag also makes no sense.
    GS are divided into tribes which is why the main faction being named after their primary stronghold is weird. I expect this to be a placeholder pending name waiting for the GS rehaul where I expect Grimgor to take back his Red Eye tribe and move to Karak Ungor.
  • steph74steph74 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,483
    I don't know exactly how CA actually used it, but in the script tools for modders they have added some functions to change names.

    In theory, you could also have a dynamic rename of some regions when something happens I suppose.

    Like if the Dwarves capture back Cragmere, it could be renamed to Karak Varn.

    But although the function exists, I do'nt know to what extent it was used by CA in their scripts.
  • CelebareCelebare Registered Users Posts: 64
    There is already a post about this. If my memory is good :

    For the vampire counts you must own all sylvania (don't work for kemler)

    Bretonnia you must own all the dukedoms

    Empire you must own all the electors counts provinces.
  • DaGangsterDaGangster Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,262
    Celebare said:

    There is already a post about this. If my memory is good :

    For the vampire counts you must own all sylvania (don't work for kemler)

    Bretonnia you must own all the dukedoms

    Empire you must own all the electors counts provinces.

    I find it kind of funny that if Sylvania unites all of Sylvania they become the Vampire Counts.

    Team Vampire Counts

    "Many players cannot help approaching a game as an optimization puzzle. What gives the most reward for the least risk? What strategy provides the highest chance – or even a guaranteed chance – of success? Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game."

    - Soren Johnson
  • ChesterMcGirrChesterMcGirr Registered Users Posts: 945
    Hmmm I wonder if vamp coast confederations might be on the horizon
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