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Max Mod Limit

OrontesOrontes Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 464
edited January 16 in General Discussion
I saw on a post on Steam that CA had implemented a new Mod Max Limit. Is this correct? If so, what is the limit?



  • GreyKnightDantesGreyKnightDantes Registered Users Posts: 254
    50 i think because every and any mod i have after 50 breaks the game for some reason.

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  • TheRealIronJazZTheRealIronJazZ Registered Users Posts: 176
    Im playing with 55 ATM. Bút i have a few self made mod. 56 makes me crash.

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  • kelembriborkelembribor Registered Users Posts: 683
    I use solution in repacking of some re texture mods in one mod, they are usually compatible with other mods, so it saves spots for other things.

  • LaindeshLaindesh Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,828
    worth noting that "execute (useless) lords" have been and probably still is corrupting people's save game.

    I've had 60 mods with no problems occuring
  • BorealBoreal Registered Users Posts: 1,135
    They didn't set a limit. However the game seems to work a bit like Skyrim as in it can only load a certain number of mod and dlc files before it doesn't work.
    This used to be over 100 and has gone up and down over the course of TWW2.
    However the latest dlc drastically reduced it.
    Their isn't a set limit as certain mods seem to count as more than others, but the limit seems to be between 50-65.

    Hopefully in the next patch the fix and increase this. As they have increased it in the past.
  • AnothaGitAnothaGit Registered Users Posts: 261
    Laindesh said:

    worth noting that "execute (useless) lords" have been and probably still is corrupting people's save game.

    I've had 60 mods with no problems occuring

    Thanks for this info. Lost a game to that mod not too long ago.
  • Xenos7Xenos7 Registered Users Posts: 5,783
    There has always been a mod limit, but before the last update is was over 80. Now it's 50 to 60, depending on your system.
  • CrajohCrajoh Member Registered Users Posts: 1,868
    Yea I‘ve got 59 with current mods. I vaguely remember a comment that size of mods(?) might also be a factor. Not sure if this is true though.
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  • TheGuardianOfMetalTheGuardianOfMetal Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 11,667
    edited January 17
    CA, fix that!

    With the amount of mods that can work well alongside each other, having such a cap, at least below 80 mods, is utter crap.

    It's great for those that use a handful of large mods (like SFO etc.) but people like me who use a lot of small(isH) mods and a handful of large "expansion" mods it's a nightmare

    I'm down to 57 mods... from running around 80 a year ago... cutting down mod for mod every patch is getting annoying, especially for the combinations i want to run.
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