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So i guess this is a suggestion? also a question however.

buc01buc01 Registered Users Posts: 1
So i have played a lot of TW:W and TW:W2 and i love them however i have a suggestion for TW:W3 which i somewhat suspect is already intended but as i don't know i thought id say it anyway.

Leader duels.
Exactly like TW:Three kingdoms.
Not the whole groups of units under a commander system, just the leader/lord duels.
I and i suspect many players, always send their lords to duel the enemy lord anyway so since now there is precident from another title within the same game series. i feel like it would be silly not to include the mechanic in the 3rd game.

Just my 2 cents i guess.
lord duels are amazing, i love the animations. I'm one of those people who actually zoom in and watch the combat animations and some of the best are on the lords and heroes.


  • _Mad_D0c__Mad_D0c_ Registered Users Posts: 1,263
    Pls no, lije naval battle it would take to much effort, which is more neccesssary in all other aspects of the game. The amount for animation would be so big, we would highly decreased unit animation.

    And the effort to go back to any still existing LL.

    Unique animation for units/LL encountering on battlefield yes, and I heared those were allready voluntery overtime. Thank you CA.

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