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Scale and Orientation of the Campaign Map

mcar110mcar110 MemberUnited KingdomPosts: 429Registered Users
I was just having a re-read of some of the Troy articles released a few months back and I noticed something I didn’t see originally regarding the campaign map:

‘CA says the beautiful map is “on par” with some of the largest games in the series in terms of pure size. Troy is at its dead centre, with the overall theatre encompassing mainland Greece, Crete, and most of modern Turkey.‘

So it sounds like we didn’t see half the map on 1st campaign map flyover as we only glimpsed Troy at the very end (which the article states is the centre).

So assuming most of modern day Turkey is included, we could see the Hittite Empire in the game (Possible DLC faction?). What other factions could appear in Anatolia if this is the case?

Here’s the original article:


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