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2 ISSUES with Multiplayer campaign

SubatomicMonkSubatomicMonk Registered Users Posts: 2
Build: v1.8.2 build 13152.1837524 (modded) (No mods enabled)

Detailed description:
ISSUE 1: When I have a friend join my campaign he says he cannot select a Race/Lord. It states he is Lothern but the LL spot is blank.

ISSUE 2: When I join that friend's game I can choose my race except under Head-to-head and Co-Op* I cannot select any Tomb King Lord/Race.

*(he doesn't have Rise of the Tomb Kings)
Reproduction Steps:
-Host Multiplayer game
-Friend joins Hosted game
-Has ISSUE 1

-Friend host multiplayer game
-I join said hosted game
-Game is set to "head-to-Head"
-ISSUE 2 occurs

(P.S. does anyone know of some helpful tips to ensure games are compatible between players with the same mods? It seems no matter the mods, my friends and I are always incompatible even though we have the same updates and mods)

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