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ROME DarthMod issues- help please

AlterEg0AlterEg0 Registered Users Posts: 3
Hi I am having an issue running the Rome Darthmod i just downloaded.

Since i did not want to use my steam version of rome. I installed Rome on a separate desktop using disk my version of Rome.

Using XP. not win 7 or 10. Rome was patched to 1.3 and 1.5.

I do not have the alexander expansion or BI expansion or gold edition other than on my steam version which i am not using.

When i installed the rome darthmod to a disk installed version of rome, patched to 1.5 it does not work. I do get the initial darthmod 9 loading screen but it then crashes straight away.

Question. is using a XP os ok?
Question. Do i need patch 1.6?
Question. will darthmod only work on a steam version?
Question. Do i need a gold edition to use the Rome Darthmod?

if someone can please tell me this that would be great.

thank you


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