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Siege Battle Stutters?

VirantoViranto Registered Users Posts: 476
I have this problem since empire total war in every title (except warhammer), above 10 years now. Even with my new pc. Does somebody know what create these stutters in siege battles since 10 years? It only happend in siege battle. Not in normal battles. Can i avoid this somehow?

The FPS are constant by 45 to 50 fps (in every title) and the camera, the sound are move complete normal.
Only the units are stuttering. Like in a stop motion film. But when this happend, the fps are still 45 and every thing works fine (except the units).


  • frolof1#1662frolof1#1662 Registered Users Posts: 415
    3K Siege battles has one of the worst performance hiccups I have ever seen in a TW game. I don't know why it is. Sometimes when they climb the walls or maybe AI pathfinding issues that just ruins the performance. I have absolutely no clue, but it's breaking siege battles utterly.
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