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Several bugs report

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1. I notice that if you give a huge firing range buff(like +200%) to a missile unit, and let it shoot at a target barely in range, the projectiles will always fall short by a significant margin, indicating the trajectory isn’t properly determined.
After some research, I find out it’s because the game only use the base range of the projectile, not involving the range buff. When the buff is small, this doesn’t cause any trouble, but I’m afraid it is still technically a bug.

2. It seems that in Warhammer 2, if a missile unit fires with a range buff of like 1.5 times, the projectiles will also fly at 1.5 times of its base speed.
However, when a missile is evaluating whether it can shoot at some target, again the range buff is not taken into consideration. This is still not a problem when the range buff is small, but once it’s large enough, I have seen units not firing at targets which are clearly in range, presumably due to falsely considered insufficient speed.
This affects both normal missile unit and artillery units.

3. This time for artilleries only. When an artillery fires, its projectiles don’t get the speed buff from the artillery unit’s range buff. I believe this is not an intended feature because if I give a large range buff to the unit, the green trajectory arc displayed between the artillery and the target becomes more flat, meaning the projectiles are supposed to fly faster.
This not only affects the flying speed, but also whether an artillery will start firing at something in range.

4. When an artillery fires, the projectile doesn’t get the buff of base missile damage from the artillery unit. For a normal missile unit, when it fires, the game will read the base missile damage buff from that unit and put it into a “data package” for each projectile. When it hits a target, that buff will be read from the package and apply to the base missile damage calculation. But for artillery units, when it fires, the game doesn’t read the base missile damage buff from the unit, instead it reads a value from the artillery engine status data, and that value is always 1.0
(By the way, I’ve seen this bug since Rome 2. Talk about longevity.)
Therefore, the base missile damage buff doesn’t actually take effect for artillery.

5. The speed buff/debuff for flying units has no actual effect. Although it’s properly displayed in the statistic panel, as I check the actual travel speed of individual flying unit entity from its status data during a battle, it is always its base fly speed.
Further research shows that the game only use the base fly speed without reading the speed buff from the flying unit itself. After I introduce it into the process, the flying unit can actually fly according to its speed buff/debuff.

6. When a flying unit dive/charge to a land target, the speed buff and charge speed buff are not used by the game.

7. Regarding which kind of victory you get after winnibg a battle, you get a weird result when meeting the following conditions.
(a)At the begining of the battle, the ratio A of your army power to the enemy's army power is this: 0.83<A<1.2
(b)At the end of the battle, you lose no more than 26% of your troop
Before determining what kind of victory, the game will put 0 into a certain place.
After the determination, the game put into that place another value which represents the kind of victory you get.
However, in this specific case, the game fails to make a decision and that value remains 0,
and 0 means Close Victory.
Considering you get heroic victory when you meet (b) and A≦0.83, or decisive victory when meeting (b) and A≧1.2,
I can't help but feel weird to get a worse result than these two while your A is between these two cases.

I personally can fix 1~5, but 6 remains unsolved. None of them really causes major problems, nor do they make the game crash or anything. Nevertheless, it’s a bit annoying once I realize their existence. Hopefully the developers can iron them out.

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