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Multiplayer Forum Posts Have Gone Largely Unaddressed Since May.

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What is the state of current ranked play? I haven't been able to find a game for months and multiplayer lobby is empty despite the occasional locked game. Seems player numbers are significantly larger on Warhammer 2. There has been a slight surge in 3K players, I'de hazard to guess as a response to the latest dlc, soon to be lost.



Campaign is the only thing keeping this game going, pretty clear by the provided links that Multiplayer is crucial in the continued success of a TW game (as well as unit variety). TWW2 MP player base is massive and there is no problem finding games nearly 3 years after its release.

Combine this with my first 2 campaigns bugging out unalterably upon becoming emperor and I was requesting my money back (unsuccessfully).

Maybe we will get an answer on other forums.......
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