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Who can take Ariel's place as powerful spellcaster in the Wood Elves faction ?

BiesBies Junior MemberSwedenRegistered Users Posts: 5,207
Wood Elves is a major faction in the warhammer world and definitively they will get min. 2 additional legendary lords in the future updates.
One of such legendary lords should be a powerful spellcaster (Am I right or wrong? :# Do we need a powerful spellcaster in the WE faction? ).
If Ariel will be just a game mechanic (for example will count as special hero, which you will include in yours LLs army or just be a magical spell), who will take her place? maybe Naieth the Prophetess?

"I shivered at the sight of her - her beauty far beyond that of mortal man. But her soul glowed with an inner darkness that chilled my very core."


  • yolordmcswagyolordmcswag Registered Users Posts: 4,100
    Naieth seems the obvious choice yes. Otherwise Coeddil might be possible, although being a treeman he would naturally be a hybrid, similiar to Durthu but with less combat power and more support/magic.
  • GreenColouredGreenColoured Registered Users Posts: 5,981
    Why or what makes you think Ariel would be a Legendary Hero or gameplay mechanic?
  • FossowayFossoway Registered Users Posts: 5,245
    Isn't Drycha a caster too?
  • Mr_Monkey_No7Mr_Monkey_No7 Registered Users Posts: 50
    Drycha seems like an obvious choice for a WE FLC as she wouldn’t be hard to animate (Branchwraith already in the game) and would offer some spellcasting to the WE.

    If they release another paid DLC, I think either Ariel or the Twilight Sisters, or both, have a good chance of making it in. I would buy either. Ariel could also bring in a new magic Lore of Athel Loren.

    Naieth could be a possible FLC. I don’t see many people dropping cash for her.
  • yolordmcswagyolordmcswag Registered Users Posts: 4,100
    Fossoway said:

    Isn't Drycha a caster too?

    Drycha is a caster, but not a true caster lord, she's more like Durthu. A little bit of spellcasting, but mainly a melee fighter.
  • WaaaghCheifWaaaghCheif Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,332

    Naieth seems the obvious choice yes. Otherwise Coeddil might be possible, although being a treeman he would naturally be a hybrid, similiar to Durthu but with less combat power and more support/magic.

    Coeddil should be a endgame reward for Drycha, if she gets into the game.
  • ValkaarValkaar Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,960
    I honestly don't believe Naieth needs to take Ariel's place.

    IF the Wood Elves get a new LL (which might not happen. I could easily seem them getting a FLC rework of Amber/The Oak of Ages/World Roots without them actually adding a lord), then that should honestly just be Ariel if it's going to be a caster-lord. I'm not saying it has to be a caster lord....I just don't see why they would do a caster lord and have it be anyone besides Ariel, since Ariel would by far be the most popular/best-selling choice out of the casters available.

    Whatever lord they add caster or otherwise, (again, IF they add one), I definitely don't want it to be an Athel Loren start pos. I don't care what contrivance they come up with for it.... Somebody out expanding waystones to create more magical forests...or X character journeyed through the World Roots which got closed unexpectedly closed off afterwards....whatever it is...for gameplay purposes I'd like any potential WE Lord(s) to start somewhere far away from Athel Loren so it feels fresh.
  • HelhoundHelhound Registered Users Posts: 5,063
    Money down Ariel ends up as a lord, but how she's implemented could be creative and awesome.

    Still a fan of a suggestion I saw some time back. Any of the Welf LL's get's access to Ariel depending upon how far along the tree is. You unlock her recruitment at tier 2 of the Oak of Ages, but she has a host of debuff's attached to her this early on. At each tier she gets slightly stronger buffs. Becoming as strong as a normal Spellweaver Lord might be at rank 3 of the Oak of Ages, much stronger than usual at rank 4 of the Oak of Ages, and hands down one of the most powerful casters in the game at rank 5 of the Oak of Ages. To symbolize her waking up and the sheer power she brings. Give her a mix of High and Dark magic.

    Bring her along under these conditions in a lord pack featuring the Sisters of Twilight vs Taurox the Brass Bull.
  • nexusno9nexusno9 Registered Users Posts: 140
    I know I made a suggestion like that Fear_The_Wolf, although I'm certain I'm not the only one.

    My thinking was Ariel and Drycha both be tied to the Oak of Ages, to give Ranks 2 and 4 more meaning than currently (believe that's how it was-been awhile since I did a WE campaign). Rank 3 tree gives confederation option, and rank 5 is endgame, leaving ranks 2 and 4 in a bit of a limbo (incremental bonus, but no real reason to push 2 unless you can push 3). Who gets what depends on the LL choice at start. Orion gets Ariel at tree rank 2 and Drycha at rank 4, while with Durthu it's the reverse.

    Relatively simple inclusion into the game (neither would require faction mechanics aside) and can be expanded with other LL's in a similar fashion. Say the Twilight Sisters would acquire these two LLs similar to Orion, while we can use another forest spirit LL and upgrade similar to Durthu. I don't mind the Amber mechanic too much; if they got rid of the amber costs needed to upgrade Wood Elf settlements I'd be peachy. To accommodate new LLs for the Wood Elves the garrison and defenses of the Oak of Ages would need to be strengthened further, as unlike Durthu and Orion these new LLs would not be close enough to protect the Oak with their own armies for quite some time.
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