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A simple list of unintrusive changes to make the dawi funner to play and closer to lore


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    Dwarf Proposed changes - Volume 1

    Just ideas we feel can make dwarfs more fun and engaging to play, to move them a bit from the mass shooting (both ground based and aerial) play that seems too prevalent. There will be also nerf suggestions at the end to balance some buffs/changes if needed, most importantly it’s a bit of rework we are hoping for, within reason and current mechanics.

    1) All GW infantry needs to be more able in the offense. We propose giving some amplish Charge Bonus buffs, which would also be in line with their resolute rule from tabletop.

    The miners and dwarf warriors GW buffs were great and in the right spirit, although they might need further focus offensively in the future. The idea is to provide players with some “shock” value infantry for dynamic play, which would reward a timely charge more, or give the incentive for the occasional charge and retreat and charge again, which can be quite challenging, rewarding and fun.

    2) We would hope for Longbeards GW MA buffs and +50g.

    3) Miners are in need of a rework. The problem is as a chaff unit loaded with vanguard, armor, ap dmg they are left without stats. As a result, in a roster with limited mobility, their vanguard ability pretty much always goes to waste except for the odd mass vanguard build. We think they should go up a tier, more like a sidegrade to warriors, so they can be a bit more dependable.

    So the proposal is for regular miners to go to the 400-500 gold range with assorted melee buffs. Respective price increase for the miners with blasting charges.

    On the other hand as mass use of miners with blasting charges can often be problematic for the opponent, pricier miners can help in that front due to getting smaller army for the same number of blasting charges.

    Last but not least it would be greatly appreciated if miners got a one use stalk ability in true spirit of their lore (or perhaps getting stalk when still?). Named diggy diggy hole?:) It will help expand the tactics (e.g. ambushes) and the fun that comes along!

    4) As with dwarf warriors and miners who got +2 MA, rangers GW could use a melee buff. In fact we propose halving(?) their ammo and buffing their melee stats accordingly. They should be a true hybrid unit sort of like freecompany militia.

    Perhaps add shieldbreaker to their missile attack, it looks thematic for throwing axes

    And we would appreciate the addition of Bugman’s rangers GW. Sort of like how shades have weapon variants.

    5) Master engineers LOS is problematic, in addition remove Ring of Thori and instead either add AP blunderbuss or grenades -potential gyro mount?

    6)Rune of oath and steel and rune of negation are almost always omitted. The problem is that target: self abilities are extremely difficult to use, since the timing required for a slow lord to be in the right place at the right time is extraordinary.

    We propose making the aforementioned runes into single target ranged abilities. A number of charges could be added to avoid spamming.

    In addition we propose to change the rune of wrath and ruin into an aoe dmg spell bound to the anvil of doom. Warpgrinders abilities visuals or others could be used for the visuals of the rune. The old rune of wrath could be named into something else (eg. rune of shackles)

    7) Perhaps most importantly giant slayers is another unit in need of rework. We would hope they got their model count dropped drastically and get buffs and most importantly some sort of ability that increases their mass a lot or gives them knockback immunity, anything that can help them fight high mass units reliably when in contact.

    The idea is that with low model count they will be moving around better plus they will be more vulnerable to multi-entities both ranged and melee (and cavalry even), in exchange for being able to fight reliably against large. Would help more aggressive/mobile dwarf builds that have not to rely solely on ranged to deter the enemy’s large units. At current price they wouldn’t be spammable/abusive either and allow the oponent a different counterplay from the overplayed cyclecharging. Right now they are just slayers with great weapons, not a more elite version of them.

    Closing remarks

    Possible counterweight adjustments for any possible buffs that cannot be met by price adjustments could be some price increases to some ranged units (ground and aerial) and/or a small reduction on the missile block chance value of ranged units, even some armor loss for units with dwarf warrior models (warriors, quarrelers etc.) and/or miners.

    The general idea is that that dwarfs are very often pushed into onion/box formations due to fear of high mass units and are usually carried by their ranged component (with shielded melee inf holding) even in infantry fights which is both abusive and abusable against/by certain factions, compromising the fun due to repetitiveness plus it’s very underwhelming for dwarfs GW infanrty to often struggle somewhat compared to their shielded brethren. Plus reliance on the ranged component hurts the dwarfs a lot in hilly/forested maps.

    In addition many lords and heroes could use a great revaluation since it’s probably them with their abilities that can refresh much of the dwarfs playstyle. Specifically the vast majority of lords/heroes abilities are target:self which makes them very restrictive to use since a slow lord can rarely be where the ability is needed. The result is that almost always the dwarf lords/heroes are brought in “naked”.
    We hope we can come up with further proposals in the future but due to the large number of abilities in-game we may do it in another document.

    We understand the above fall more in the “longterm” area, but hopefully dwarfs will get to be a lot of fun for the content that keeps coming!

    Karaz-A-Karak discord


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