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Minor Bug: Xiahou Dun's Portrait shows his One-Eye Portrait at 190CE Start Date.

lancrlotlancrlot Registered Users Posts: 3
Build Number: v.1.4.0 Build 12683.1849362

Detailed description of your issue:

When starting a new campaign with Cao Cao, clicking on Xiahou Dun's character info shows his portrait with one-eye instead of two eyes even though he is still a hot-blooded officer and his quick-access portrait is still him with two eyes. His full portrait is the one with one-eye though.

It's a small bug, but incredibly annoying and irritating to see him with one eye at the beginning of the campaign

Reproduction steps

1. Open game
2. Start new campaign with Cao Cao
3. Open Xiahou Dun's character info.

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