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Multiplayer: Bug in CO-OP Game: Crashes after AutoSave by Non-Hostplayer/SaveGame by Non-Hostplayer

LanieLanieLanieLanieLanieLanie Registered Users Posts: 1
edited January 2020 in Multiplayer Bugs
Dear The Creative Assembly,

  • GameVersion: 1.400
  • Buildnumber: 12683.1849362
  • Round 75, yet the problem also occurred earlier as well.
  • NO-Mods.
  • Both Players do own ReignOfBlood DLC.
  • Player 2 does own 8-Princess DLC.
  • We are playing the standard campaign.

We are able to reproduce the bug by the following steps:
  1. Host: Player 1 (Liu Bei) opens lobby by loading the multiplayer savegame.
  2. Host: inviting Player 2 (Yuan Shao).
  3. Player 2: successfully joins game.
  4. Player 1 (Host) and Player 2 starting the game.
  5. Player 2 is on turn and does stuff.
  6. Player 2 fights a non-delegated battle.
  7. Player 1 is spectating non-delegated battle and may take part.
  • 8a. End of Battle: Player 2 plays his round and does ends his turn. Game does autosave/turns to Player 1 (Host).

  • 8b. End of Battle: Player 2 save his game directly. Game Crashes for both players.
  • 9a. Both Players got a multiplayersavegame. Player 2 savegame is around 2.7mb. This sum equals exactly half the size of a regular savegame. Player 1 (host) savegame is 1,7. Player 1 (host) crashes into desktop.
  • 9b. Both Player 1 (Host) and Player 2 get a multiplayersavegame that is around 2.7mb. This sum equal exactly half the size of a regular savegame. Player 1 crashes into Desktop. The savegame is hostable but Player 2 cannot join.
  • 9c. Player 2 got a proper multiplayersavegame that is around 5.4mb. Player 1 (Host) gets a corrupt savegame about 1,7mb.
  • If 9c. -> Player 2 transfers savegame to Player 1(Host) -> Game ist hosted, back to 1.).

Conclusion: Crash is related to saving game voluntary (direct) or involuntary (auto-save) by Player 2.

Note: I never had any problems like this playing with Player 1 Total War: Warhammer II and I.
Note: We are not able to turn off AutoSave in any of the menus.
Note: We reinstalled the game, got rid of the replays and the old saves in order to fix it. I did not work.
Note: We like your work. We dont like this bug at all.

SAVEGAME as ZIP Format sorted by Player1/Player 2:


Have a nice day,
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