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Can't conrrol archers

martinyoungwarmartinyoungwar Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 20
I have a number of performance issues. They may have to do with my computer specs not being up to par. Please let me know. For example, when playing Thrones of Britannia, I regularly had a message of the start button "Your drivers are out of date'" But the game ran okay! Maybe I need a new computer? Anyways, here are a few issues that I hope you can offer solution(s?)

1. I can't control my archers. Normally you right click to target an enemy unit. However, when I do that the cursor disappears! I have compensated by moving my archers into range and then letting the AI do the targeting.

2. Grouping units is a problem. If I want to group units into one long line, I highlight the units, and drag them into the line I want. However, the computer will place the units in a line 90 degrees to what I want, or it might just pile them up, one on top of the other.

3. I made it to emperor, but the Faction page is really messed up. It appears to be a basic "wire frame" page without the info added. The emperor portrait is not my leader, but a generic portrait with the title "Long Chinese Name" as a title underneath. The other positions are all titled "Director" in black boxes with no portraits!

4. On the building panel, not all the info is added in. When right clicking the next building up in the chain, the numbers and percentages are there, but the headers explaining the attributes are missing.

5. My campaign crashes - either it freezes and I have to restart my computer (ctrl-alt-del does not do anything) or it crashes to desktop.

As I say, I may need a better computer!!! Thanks in advance for your help. My DxDiag is attached
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