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Units Cards In Multiplayer above 10 will get the game Stuck in Waiting for Other players

Veni_Vidi_KiLLLLLVeni_Vidi_KiLLLLL Registered Users Posts: 1
My friend bought Total War Warhammer 2 yesterday and in campaign we don't have problems, but in Multiplayer when we make a private game in always got stuck in Waiting for other players. We thought because he only have the standard edition of the game without warhammer 1 or any DLC but he was got his warhammer 1 standard edition and it was still hit or miss some times we were able to start a game some times we weren't. After some test we were able to get that only when he have 9 units cards(doesn't matter what they are spearmen or black dragons) and one lord unit card the game will start, but if he have more that 9, like 10 or above the game will get stuck in Waiting for Other players after we are finish loading. And when we are more playes in the lobby and he joins the lobby he crashes the lobby( like he is stuck in screen where he is in the lobby but cant pick any race.

Any help ?

Thanks in advance

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