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Some DLC's suggestions

OldstorytellerOldstoryteller Posts: 8Registered Users
I love the new campaign, but i feel that isn't enough, perhaps Rikkit'Tik, the Poison Master or Veskit, the Grand Executioner starting in Mordheim, for having other possibilities to play the Eshin's campaign, apart of include the Rat Ogres Eshin, it would have been a bit more fun.

Btw, being the DLC of The Shadow & The Blade, wouldn't be appropiate to have Shadowblade too? For example, when it was released the Prophet & the Warlock, could be appropiate to bring Nurglitch too, bc Tehenhauin & Nurglitch are archenemies in the Lustria's campaign. In the same way that Lokhir Fellheart was added after the Vampire Coast's DLC, because he fit the maritime theme too.

Also, maybe Rakarth, the Beastlord of Kar Karond would have fit perfectly for the Hunter & the Beast's DLC, bc there's nobody better hunting beasts than him.


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