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Queek And Trench Skaven Campaigns vs New Skaven campaigns

karl_fartzkarl_fartz Posts: 5Registered Users

In post id like to comment on the differences in Skaven campaings for both queek and trench in comparision to the other 3 clans.

Clan Eschin and Clan Skryre got recently two massive updates to their campaigns, making these campaings most interesting in term of gameplay. Both of these fit thematically and also fit into the campaing tempo pretty well.

As of clan pestilence mechanics - the recent buff to scheme of pestilence (unbreakable + frenzy on all skavens) is nice, its usefullness past first 3 plagues is not that great, due to the distance to the capital.

All clans have now undercities, which is an awesome addition, and clan-unique building for Pestilence is also a nice addition.

Clan Skryre uses its workshop and nukes. Clan Eshin seem to have also lots of unique features - it's my next skaven campaing to go.

Now lets talk about unique campaing features of clan Mors and Rictus.


Thank you.
My Suggestion:
Clan Rictus - let them emphasize on their undercity building capabilities (trench warfare) - let them have have cost reductions for undercities and campaing/army bonuses for provinces with undercities, swap pestilence scheme to undercity building scheme etc.
Clan Mors should have unique Stormvermin RoR for Queek. Give them some workshop-like building where they can upgrade Infantry units. In WH lore, Clan Mors Skaven are suprisingly well trained, fed and equipped - this can be also reflected well in campaing by bonus after successfull won fights, more dependant on food level, some possibility to give more food to an army for stat bonuses etc.

Please post your suggestions here too, CA recently improved lots of campaigns, maybe they can fix these 2 Skaven clans too :)

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