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Crash to Desktop when ending my turn (as Dwarfs)

ChristopheVareChristopheVare Registered Users Posts: 12
First game:
I'm on turn 230, and finished the long campaign objective by turn 153, now i'm just dicking around, wanting to get the achievement for researching 60 technologies.

When i hit the end turn button, it goes like this:
Wood Elves move their last army a bit
Bretonnia use one of their armies to destroy the last Wood Elf army, and thus the faction.
Wintertooth moves Throgg a bit.
Border princes do nothing.
Estalia (that i'm at war with) move some of their agents a bit.
Tilea (that i'm also at war with) move their agents a bit.
The Red Horns Tribe siege Castle Drakenhof (under the control of Border princes).
The game freezes for a second, the music stop, the music starts again.
my game crash to desktop.

I'm using only three mods:
No Regeneration Cap Updated
Building Progress Icons
Beautiful Sisters of the Thorn.

I tried checkign the files via Steam, the game still crashes.
I tried disabling the mods (all at once), the game still crashes.

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