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The Dawi seem to never let go of some grudges

PapaToXicPapaToXic Registered Users Posts: 3
So I've been playing as Clan Angrund and noticed something strange. I had 3 grudges in The Book of Grudges at all times, however I noticed that there is one that never seems to dissapear: Win a battle over Wissenland. I was like ok, let me see where Wissenland is. Nowhere to be seen. Maybe some rogue armies registered as Wissenland? Nope, only greenskins and elves. I then looked at the event log and I saw as follow: I got the grudge around turn 48, at turn 62 Wissenland got wiped out and at turn 126 the grudge was still ongoing. Any possible fixes or suggestions? I though that maybe if I manage to get a rebellion at the starting location of Wissenland, let them capture the city and then kill them, it might finally complete it? Or is it a impossible to solve problem?


  • LoreguyLoreguy Registered Users Posts: 728
    Yup. Take Nuln, let rebelion happend, defeat them. Easy as that.
  • PapaToXicPapaToXic Registered Users Posts: 3
    Thanks man, I'll post the results here once I try it.
  • PapaToXicPapaToXic Registered Users Posts: 3
    Update: After all winning condition were met AND that one was the only grudge to remain, even if it had severy 10, and it required me to have 9 or less (already had the long campaign conditions fullfield, but I mentioned the one for the short one for better understanding of the problem), it actually counted as a win. A very interesting bug, but I can't say what actually causes it. The only problem with this is that it might get very confusing for whoever isn't familiar with it. When I get to test my initial theory, I'll post an update.

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