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Game freezes for a few moments when grouping units into formations, but only occurs on siege maps.

Whiskeyjack_5691Whiskeyjack_5691 Registered Users Posts: 3,442
Build Number:
v1.4.1 Build 12857.18611859

Detailed description:
Bit of an odd one. When trying to group two units that are on either side of the battle map into a formation, the game freezes for a few moments.

Reproduction Steps:
- Fight on any siege map as the attacking force.
- Place one unit in the deployment zone on one side of the city, and then place another unit in the deployment zone on the opposite side of the city.
- Select both of those units.
- Try and group them together using the pre-set battle formations.

The game will freeze for several moments as though it's about to crash, but will eventually unfreeze and play as normal with no further issues.

When you usually group together units that are far away from each other using the pre-set formations, the units will automaically move and meet each other at a point halfway between where they are. I guess the fact that city is in between both of the units in this instance is causing some weird issue with trying to get close to each other or something.
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