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Overriding Vanilla Tables?

WealthyAardvarkWealthyAardvark Registered Users Posts: 7
So I've been trying off and on for a while to try to get my mod to work. I've been trying to overwrite the character_relationship_opinion_topic_set_to_topics table so that having the One-Eyed debilitation doesn't make someone Intimidating for character relations; I've got several people who are opposed to intimidation in my faction and I just find it ridiculous that losing an eye causes this massive change in personality.

Anyway, because the entry on the table I'm trying to delete is a hidden one, I needed to use some values I could easily see as my test; I chose the Suspicious trait since Cao-Cao starts with it (3k_main_opinion_topic_set_folly_suspicious
). The problem is that my mod's table is being loaded alongside the vanilla table instead of overriding it, leading to situations like this.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Mod file attatched.


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