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Lorefull Suggestions for Greenskins and Mortal empires campaign

MORTUSMORTUS Posts: 78Registered Users
A grand hello to CA members from a big fan to the Warhammer series. Thanks for the great job with that game which is the closest thing to the game from my dreams and the Warhammer lore. But since i have everything from the series(Total War WARHAMMER 1, 2 and all DLCs) and i am well familiar with the lore of Warhammer i notice some stuff which need to be changed or added in future.

    To begin with the Greenskins

    The Waaagh mechanic need a change to represent better the greenskin way. My suggestions - https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/257623/lets-talk-about-waaagh#latest
Rename all Greenskin Legendary Lord factions to their Lord insted of their starting settlement like instead of Black Crag rename to Waaagh Grimgor, Waaagh Azhag, Waaagh Wurrzag, Waaagh Skarsnik, Waaagh Grom and Waaagh Gorfang.

    Slightly different winning conditions for each of the Greenskin Legendary Lords also confederation to be same as the norscan way.
All Greenskin Legendary Lords must have different starting positions https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammerfb/images/7/7a/Warhammer_Waagh!.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20191020175855
    From that map you will notice that the Grimgor start his invasion of the old world from Gnashrak's Lair not from Black Crag(by the way this is the closest location from which the story for Grimgor begins in the lore).

    Azhag the Slaughterer must start his Slaughter from Todtheim ruins which must be added in Troll Country.

    Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet must begin his Green Crusade somewhere much south sended there by Gork and Mork(but not sended there by Grimgor)
Grom must start from misty mountain(in vortex campaign on the shore of ulthuan)

    Gorfang must start in Black Crag

    Skarsnik must start his adventure back to home from Badlands(representing when Skarsnik became the new Chief of the Wolf Rider tribe and start his long journey back to home in Karak Eight Peaks) and to play as horde until he take control of Karak Eight Peaks(instead of to be able to recruit orc units only from Karak Eight Peaks) a bigger decrease of upkeep and recruitment to goblin units and big ambush chance for Skarsnik army.
    Belegar Ironhammer must start near Karaz-a-Karak in military alliance with them and not to be able to take settlement until he take control of Karak Eight Peaks. Big decrease of upkeep and recruitment to all units and increased post battle loot or sack for Belegar army also to be able to recruit units from his allies.

    Khazrak the One-Eye must start in Nordland in war with his old enemy Boris Todbringer

    Morghur the Shadowgave must start in Forest of Arden near Artois

    Malagor the Dark Omen must start in Great Forest near (Mordheim probably) and add a march stance to them.

    Throgg King of the Trolls must start in the northern part of the Troll Country near the pass in the mountains with his Lair of the Troll King settlement. Troll Country needs a lot of changes more snowy looking land and all kislevite settlements need to be moved Zoichenk must be moved more close to Erengrad and to be made in a separeate province named Western Oblast. Now Troll Country will be a province of 2 settlements Todtheim and Lair of the Troll King

    Tretch Craventail must start in Crookback Mountain

    Arkhan the Black must start from his tower near the black pyramid of Nagash

    Tiktaq'to may start in Macu Peaks near Hexoatl and with alliance with Lord Mazdamundi and in war with Blue Viper Savage Orcs.

    Place some skaven clans on the old starting positions of Skarsnik and Belegar

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