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Balancing Game Mods

BlackBear97BlackBear97 Registered Users Posts: 10
edited February 4 in Community Mods
When it comes to Total War: Warhammer 2 mods are there any great balancing mods that take away unnecessary drudgery or monotony in the game? Are there any mods you use now that you think should just be part of the game permanently? If so why?


  • J4R0DJ4R0D Registered Users Posts: 28
    unit caps, climate overhaul, no supply lines, region trading, certain SFO mods like old world rites, and in my personal opinion, reduced siege times.
  • sieahsieah Registered Users Posts: 963
    FIght the OrderTide with the Unnatural Selection mod.
  • PaulicusPaulicus Registered Users Posts: 148
    I usually mod out supply lines. If nothing else, just for the ability to add extra troops to particularly important settlements without having to pay gobs of cash.

    Steel Faith has some great ideas in it, the overall effect may not be to everyone's liking though. Specifically, things like unit caps and rebalanced costs help diversify armies and reduce unit spam later on. And the fact that buildings have a variety of effects, even negatives, that make choices of what to build much more difficult.

    I haven't tested them much but I have a few diplomacy mods (Loreful diplomacy and Diplomacy rebalancing, I think). That are supposed to restrict certain actions between certain races (like greenskins inviting dwarfs to war) and reduce the impact of war actions and such so you don't get super-friendly alliances just because you have a mutual enemy.
  • steph74steph74 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,482
    Personally I only use SWO-RD to have a better compatibiliy and consistant experience. However, it includes several concepts, some original, some from other mods, some adapted.

    So the things which are important to me are:

    - Unit capacity: a per army limit based on core/special/rare. Based on TTC, but with a limit depending on the lord rank.
    - Unit capacity: global limits for units based on the number/level of settlements and buildings you have
    - Regional units with their own heraldry, stronger but recruitable only in your core regions
    - Generic units recruitable anywhere.

    - Visibility overhaul: more importance for scouts in battles
    - Rework of diplomacy to tweak relationships between units
    - Climate overhaul (not done yet, planned for next update)
    - Occupationoverhaul (not done yet, planned for update after next one)
    - Corruption overhaul (planned in 3 updates)

    The global goal is to strenghten a faction when it is in its own regions (Elves in Ulthan, Empire in the Empire) and weaken it when it is far away, via:
    - Climate changes to increase penalty with "non traditionnal region"
    - Occupation: reduce colonization
    - More difficult to recruit a strong army far from home, easier to recruit a strong army in your home
  • LoreguyLoreguy Registered Users Posts: 186
    Garrison based on present building.

    Cross armies (Imperial dawi ftw!)

    Steam tank mount for KF (mod is not done yet)

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