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A thought about surrounded foot lords

VegetableVegetable Registered Users Posts: 19
So, I don't know the state of things right now, but I've had the impressions that foot lords have been pretty lackluster overall for a good while now, and a part of this is the fact that they're rarely able to push through blobs of enemy infantry.
One thing I've found is that sometimes, it can help to just pause a movement order for a moment to attack the surrounding infantry to clear a path (provided they don't turn around and attack in the other direction for no reason), but that generally involves a painful amount of micromanagement.

But what if foot lords just did this automatically, attacking in the direction in which they're moving if they're forced to stop/slowed down enough in order to clear a path? I feel like this might make them a bit stronger by making it so they might more easily break out of blobs, and would allow them to do some damage along the way- especially if it lets them attack as they're moving, meaning they don't waste time afterwards on finishing an animation so the gap they've made gets filled again.

I dunno, just a thought. Does anyone else think this could be a good change?
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