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Can you change how settlement skins works (immersion breaking)

tyrianestyrianes Posts: 2Registered Users
Hello CA.

I have an issue i share with a lot of players, about how settlements works in this game. When you occupy a new settlement: The culture of it won'r change. Like if im high elf and occupy a dark elf city: it stays dark elven. There"s no workaround around it and no mods to change that. Can you guys change that or give the option to change that, or maybe even give us the tools to make a mod. It is a popular community requested feature, you should go check steam for the most popular mod.

Thank you very much,


  • Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior Member Posts: 22,230Registered Users
    Elven spires or LM ziggurats suddenly sprouting in Norsca or the Badlands would destroy immersion more. I'm absolutely opposed to it.

  • DandalusXVIIDandalusXVII Posts: 4,220Registered Users
    You occupy the settlement, you don't rebuilt it. Disagree fully. It used to be like that in TWW 1 but they fixed it.
  • ZercaZerca Posts: 69Registered Users
    I think , they should atleast do not totally rebuilt the Siege battles, but atleast, make some "versions" of it and make some minor changes, while keeping the base. This is most annoying , because in the first warhammer, dwarfs and orcs had such a mechanic, were the dwarf runes were covered by some wood avatars and if such keeps were recaptured they disappered. Now, this mechanic was removed and you now always keep the dwarf or orc hold in siege battles.

    For example, all towers might be changed into the faction towers. I would like to see canon towers at Lizardmen Walls, as Wulfhart for example, or Vampire cannons playing as Luther Harkon. Right now they directly use the already given towers , which in some cases do not feel suiting at all.

    Then they might add a "ruined" "vampiric" and "order" version of the same cities. Which means, forces of destruction or chaos factions make the city walls look ruined , vampiric change the battle time always to night time and might change some of the settlement buildings. order factions keep things repaired and good looking, still it might be possible, that for example in captured druchii cities, symbols of herectic gods disappear (or were coarsely removed) or are covered by banners, statues of elves were exhanged by statues of sigmar and so on.

    I think this would improve the immersion, while the cities were kept mostly as they look before and might not take too much effort to change everything.

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