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Repeated CTDs In co-op campaign.

BanditksBanditks Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 13
Build: 1.4.1

Detailed description: During my friends turns he will experience multiple CTD, after restarting over and over we finally get past the CTD and then a few turns later I will start CTD over and over during my turn. It will happen looking at the character sheet, going through the start of turn popups, looking through the diplomacy tab.

Reproduction Steps:
- Its always during our turn
- Happens when clicking on buttons seemingly
- Not consistently in character sheets, diplomacy, or start of turn pop ups, Using general level up points. but has happened in all those places.

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
Tried to through steam verify our game files more than 3 times each with no difference.

Please attach .minidump, .save (multiplayer saves from both host and client if it occurs during multiplayer), DxDiag and modified.log files

I included three of the minidump files from three CTDs in a row in the same turn. For some reason my save game file is not showing up as a choice to attach to this post. I can see my single player saves but not the multy.


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